Google updates COVID-19 Vaccination center details on Google Maps and Search

Google updates COVID-19 Vaccination center details on Google Maps and Search Leave a comment

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Tech Giant Google will now inform its users about the nearest COVID Vaccine centers in Google Maps and search results in its new update. The Company has taken this step after the hike in COVID cases all over the world recently.

In this feature, users will be able to locate the nearest vaccination centers in their areas. Not only this, but users will also be able to check the “effectiveness,” “Safety measures,” Registration Processes,” and even “Side effects” related to vaccinations. You can also get the “Statistics” about the number of Vaccines given successfully in India and worldwide.

This valuable feature has been rolled out in various countries apart from India, including United States, Canada, France, Chile, and Singapore.

After the recent surges in the number of total COVID patients, this feature seems to be helpful for people to locate the vaccine centers and get vaccinated as soon as they can.

Apart from this, the Indian Government has also shown urgency to boost the vaccination drive in the country after PM Narendra Modi announced the “Tika Utsav.” Since then, over 11 crore vaccinations have been administered so far across the country.

Let’s hope we all get out of this pandemic safely and come out much stronger than before. We request all our users to stay safe and take all the safety measures even after getting vaccinated. Stay Home, Stay safe.

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